5 In-Demand Engineering Jobs in Belgium

3 years ago #Success

Engineers are in high demand! We analysed the engineering job sector in Belgium from the beginning of March until now (mid April) to bring you the top engineering jobs needed at this time.

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1. Project Engineer

Project engineers top the list as most sought-after in Belgium within the last month.


2. Architectural Draughtsman

The second most in-demand job in the engineering sector in Belgium is an Architectural draughtsman with over 1 000 open jobs.


3. Construction Calculator

Just under number 2, Construction Calculator jobs reached just over 1 000 job openings within the last month. 


4. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are always in high demand.


5. Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance Engineer comes in at 5th highest demand, with over 600 open jobs within the last month.


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