4 Tips for Standing out on LinkedIn

2 years ago #Success

Whether you’re actively looking for work or just wanting to establish some connections, consider LinkedIn as your online work portfolio! As social distancing measures have increased due to COVID, LinkedIn activity has also gone up, as many people are using the platform to make connections. What can you do to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out amongst the rest?


1. Treat LinkedIn like your other social media 


Well, we don’t need to see a photo of what you ate for lunch on LinkedIn, but you should consider LinkedIn the same as your other social media in terms of how often you update it. Stand out from the rest by posting updates often, whether it’s writing an article yourself or re-sharing information that you find important. If you are active on the platform, more people will notice you.


2. Follow and connect with others outside of your network


The best way to get noticed by more people is to expand your network! Follow others with similar interests and connect with recruiters in your field. If you are looking for an engineering job, connect with our Fuse Engineering consultants in your area. They post open jobs every day, allowing you the opportunity to be one of the first to see them. 


3. Be visible!


Like posts, share articles you find interesting, comment and engage in conversation – the more you interact with others, the more your profile becomes visible on the home feed.


4. Ask for recommendations


Did you know you can request recommendations from others in your network on LinkedIn? Getting recommended really sets you apart from others as these endorsements support your skills and showcase your personality. Request a recommendation from someone you worked with in the past to help strengthen your profile.


LinkedIn is a great tool if you use it wisely. If you’re someone who is actively looking for a job, you can always check out our website to view and apply for engineering jobs directly. You’ll also see the name of the consultant in charge of the position on the job ad – follow them on LinkedIn while you’re at it to keep in touch!



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