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Fuse Engineering is building bridges between challenging jobs and talented engineers in the Production, Maintenance, Manufacturing and Construction sectors.

Our network reaches over 30.000 engineers who dedicate their careers to demanding projects, impacting our way of life.

We have all types of engineering jobs available, sorted on our website by region and specialisation. What are the average salary ranges for certain sectors of finance jobs available now? View each sector and its lowest/highest salary range for our recently posted jobs.



The average salary range for Chemical/Food engineering jobs on Fuse Engineering's website within September is between €40 000 to €80 000.

Browse all Chemical/Food jobs here.



Construction Engineers provide engineering support, such as facilities management, fire engineering, contract and project management, and construction and environmental engineering.

The average salary range for Construction jobs on Fuse Engineering's website within September is between €32 000 to €85 000.

Browse all Construction jobs here.



Manufacturing Engineers focus on the design, development and operation of integrated systems of production to obtain high quality & economically competitive products. These systems may include material handling equipment, machine tools, robots or even computers or networks of computers.

The average salary range for Manufacturing jobs on Fuse Engineering's website within September is between €40 000 to €90 000

Browse all Manufacturing jobs here.


Supply Chain

A Supply Chain Engineer optimizes the production chain. That includes all the business processes that a product undergoes until it arrives at the end user.

The average salary range for Supply Chain jobs on Fuse Engineering's website within September is between €35 000 to €75 000

Browse and apply for Supply Chain jobs here


If you are considering starting or advancing your career in the Engineering sector, Fuse Engineering can help you find the next step needed. Our recruitment consultants are specialists within their sector. Do not hesitate! Get in touch with us today to get started.


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